There’s one big secret your high potential women employees (and increasingly, as Generation X prepares to take the reins, your high potential men) are not sharing with you. They may be reluctant to put themselves forward for senior roles because they can’t see how to make the balance work.

The irony is that we know even at the most senior level jobs can be worked flexibly, and indeed, often are. We want to change the way people in organisations think about work at senior levels. If you’re a forward thinking 21st century employer, we’d like you to engage with us in making that change happen.

The Campaign

Imagine an organisation where it’s possible to have work-life balance and a senior career. It’s the 21st Century and it’s High Time  senior employees were seen to be working with the same degree of flexibility as more junior staff. It’s High Time  flexible workers were promoted for their efficiency and not seen as lacking commitment. It’s High Time organisations took both an inclusive and strategic approach to work life balance.

The High Time campaign's aim is to change organisational thinking about senior level jobs. We want to encourage all employers to eliminate outmoded and often ineffective working practices - frequently deeply embedded in organisational cultures – resulting in the myth that you can either have a career or a balanced life.


Do you believe you have to make a choice – “career or work-life balance?”. Do you feel you need to be seen “putting in the hours?”.

Imagine a workplace where you are judged solely on the results you produce, not the hours you work or where you work them. Imagine an employer who treats you as an adult, capable of sorting out your own work-life balance, rather than asking you to squeeze into pre-defined “flexible working” policies. And imagine pursuing a senior level corporate career while living a more balanced life.

It’s time to rethink working practices and focus on results, not time and location.

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